.ASIA Frequently Asked Questions

What is .ASIA?

.ASIA is a Domain Extension sponsored by the DotAsia Organization. It is a regional domain for companies, organizations, and individuals based in or having a target audience based in the region of Asia, Australia, and the Pacific.

Why .ASIA?

  • Great Reach - Asia houses 60% of the world's population, and the number of Asian Internet users is growing at 350% every year! In fact, 3 Asian countries rank amongst the top 5 for internet usage.
  • Protect your Brand - If you already have a business within Asia, or own any other domain names related to Asian operations, then you should get your .ASIA domain as well.
  • Create Your Presence in Your Community - It is about time that the largest continent in the world had a domain extension specific to its own community and gave users an apt alternative.

Who can register a .ASIA Domain Name?

Anybody! All you need to ensure is that at least one of the Domain Contacts (Registrant, Admin, Technical, or Billing) is a legal entity in the DotAsia Community. This contact will be known as the CED Contact.

In case you do not meet the requirement for the same, you can choose us to act as your local presence provider for no additional cost. If you select this option, the CED contact provided by us will serve as the Technical Contact for your .ASIA Domain Name.

How does the Registry confirm a CED Contact?

At the time of applying for a .ASIA domain, the CED Contact needs to provide the following additional information to make the declaration that it is a legal entity within the DotAsia Community.

  • Form of Locality (must be from one of the following countries)
ae United Arab Emirates
af Afghanistan
am Armenia
aq Antarctica
au Australia
az Azerbaijan
bd Bangladesh
bh Bahrain
bn Brunei Darussalam
bt Bhutan
cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands
ck Cook Islands
cn China
cx Christmas Island
cy Cyprus
fj Fiji
fm Micronesia, Federated States of
ge Georgia
hk Hong Kong
hm Heard Island and McDonald Islands
id Indonesia
il Israel
in India
iq Iraq
ir Iran, Islamic Republic of
jo Jordan
jp Japan
kg Kyrgyzstan
kh Cambodia
ki Kiribati
kp Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
kr Korea, Republic of
kw Kuwait
kz Kazakhstan
la Lao People's Democratic Republic
lb Lebanon
lk Sri Lanka
mh Marshall Islands
mm Myanmar
mn Mongolia
mo Macao
mv Maldives
my Malaysia
nf Norfolk Island
np Nepal
nr Nauru
nu Niue
nz New Zealand
om Oman
pg Papua New Guinea
ph Philippines
pk Pakistan
ps Palestinian Territories
pw Palau
qa Qatar
sa Saudi Arabia
sb Solomon Islands
sg Singapore
sy Syrian Arab Republic
th Thailand
tj Tajikistan
tk Tokelau
tl Timor-Leste
tm Turkmenistan
to Tonga
tr Turkey
tv Tuvalu
tw Taiwan
uz Uzbekistan
vn Viet Nam
vu Vanuatu
ws Samoa
ye Yemen
  • Type of Entity (any one)
    • Corporations or Companies
    • Cooperatives
    • Partnerships or Collectives
    • Government Bodies, States, Sovereigns or Municipalities
    • Political parties or Trade Unions
    • Trusts, Estates, Associations or Societies
    • Institutions
    • Natural Persons
    • Other
  • Form of Identification (any one)
    • Certificate of Incorporation or equivalent business registration certificate issued by the relevant government registry as confirmation of the due incorporation and valid existence of the company
    • Act, decree or legislation chartering the formation of an entity
    • Societies Registry or equivalent registry for non-corporate entities
    • Political Parties Registry
    • Passport or Citizenship ID
    • Other
  • Identification Number / Code of Reference (e.g. Passport number, Business Certificate number, Act or Legislation number/code, etc.)

What is Landrush?

Landrush is a limited period wherein anyone can apply for their preferred Domain Names before the actual registrations go Live.

How does the .ASIA Landrush Process work?

The .ASIA Landrush will take place between 20th February and 12th March, 2008. We are, however, accepting applications also before the Landrush begins. The final allocation of the Domains will take place shortly after the Registry goes live. When you apply for a .ASIA Domain Name, there could be 2 possible scenarios:

  • You are the sole applicant: In case you the only one applying for the concerned Domain Name throughout the Landrush, then the Domain Name will be allocated to you shortly after the Landrush.
  • There are multiple applicants: In case there is more than one application for that Domain Name, you will need to participate in an auction process to win it. This auction will take place shortly after the Landrush period ends. If any of your Domains do qualify for an auction, you will be notified about it via an email. The email will also give you all the necessary detail about the auction process.
  • Minimum registration period is 2 years, as mandated by the .ASIA Registry.
  • You will not be able to view the .ASIA Domain Names that have been applied for, in your Control Panel during the Landrush. Only once a Domain is successfully registered, will you be able to view or manage it in your Control Panel.

Is the .ASIA application amount refundable?

Yes, in case the outcome of the auction is not in your favor, then the entire amount will be refunded to you shortly after the .ASIA Registry goes live.

Why apply through us?

  • Competitive Prices: Get the most competitive rates in the industry, for a host of quality services.
  • Full Refund: If you do not get the Domain Name you have applied for, then you can get a complete refund of the application amount.